Welcome to BabyWonderland

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babywonderlandEverything you need to know about babies: trying to conceive and getting pregnant in the first place, the ups and downs of pregnancy, how to cope with your baby's arrival and the many joys of parenthood.


We'll guide you through the whole conception stage, with tips to improve your chances, discussing infertility and its causes, looking at child adoption, and surrogacy.


The BabyWonderland week by week guide to pregnancy will show you what to expect during your pregnancy. We also have tips on what to eat while pregnant (and what not to eat). Need help choosing a name for your baby? We have a comprehensive guide to the traditional and the not so traditional names, both English and Ethnic.

Parenting Advice

What am I letting myself in for? You'll see info on finding childcare, how to cope as a single parent, getting back to work after the birth and even hope the new arrival will not affect your love relationship.

Baby Care

Breastfeeding or bottle? We discuss the pros and cons. We also look at topics like baby safety, teething, stopping a baby from crying and potty training.

Join the BabyWonderland community, help other parents make an informed choice by rating your maternity hospital and find the advice and support you're looking for from all of us.

It's all about your baby!