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The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Baby

Caring for your new bay can be daunting - babies don't do 9-5. Neither do they come with an on/off switch. And, there's no user's manual!

Before you panic and think of warranties and returns policies, take a deep breath and browse through our baby care articles.

We, at BabyWonderland, aim to provide you with the complete "baby manual" teaching you the parenting skills that will turn your baby care into fun and games - Literally.

From how to bath your baby, to how to feed her, to how to cope with her teething and yes, the baby sleeping issue is covered, too.


Formula Feeding

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formula feedingIf you've already made your choice on feeding options and decided to go for the bottle, this article is here to reassure you that it is perfectly alright to bottle feed your baby! You might start to feel inadequate with all the 'Important Notes' you read everywhere that breast is best.

It might be best, but if you feel it's not for you, don't feel guilty about choosing formula.

There are a few reasons why some women can't breastfeed. It could be that your milk supply is low, due to insufficient iron levels, poor diet, busy lifestyle, etc.



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weaning Weaning a baby is a process many parents dread. It is associated with some physical and emotional discomfort, especially for breastfeeding mums. And potentially, some physical discomfort for the baby during the first weeks.

Is my baby ready to start solids?


Baby Month by Month Calendar

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baby development Congratulations on your newborn baby! Your life as it was has come to an end and in time you will adjust to the wonderful experience of being a parent. Sometimes newborn baby care comes naturally, sometimes it means an effort, either way it's probably the most rewarding experience of your life.

This month you will realise that a little somebody is entirely dependant on you. It sounds scary, but it sounds great, too. Don't worry about it, the magical bond created with this little being inside you for so long will kick in really soon and will do all the tricks for you.


Baby Colic

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baby colic Colic in babies is the build-up of wind or gas in the form of small air bubbles inside the baby's stomach and intestines which create an uncomfortable pressure.

Mums say baby colic is definitely one of those things you can bet on to change your angel of a baby into a temperamental little thing, making him lose his voice and making you lose your mind.

Tips on how to find relief for baby colic:

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