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baby development Congratulations on your newborn baby! Your life as it was has come to an end and in time you will adjust to the wonderful experience of being a parent. Sometimes newborn baby care comes naturally, sometimes it means an effort, either way it's probably the most rewarding experience of your life.

This month you will realise that a little somebody is entirely dependant on you. It sounds scary, but it sounds great, too. Don't worry about it, the magical bond created with this little being inside you for so long will kick in really soon and will do all the tricks for you.


1 month old baby

In the first month, your baby will sleep around 16-18 hours a day and this is normal. After waiting nine months to meet them, we naturally want to spend as much time as possible with them, but the cruel truth is they do sleep a lot. Care for a newborn baby is not as difficult as you might think. They are pretty strong people and have arrived in the world equipped with everything they need to keep strong and healthy for a long time.

By now, you have probably made all the important choices regarding feeding, the type of nappies you will use, and generally, the type of approach you'll use.

Basic care for a newborn baby

  • Ensure your baby is warm enough at night, but not too hot. 18-22 Celsius degrees is the ideal temperature for a newborn baby room. Use layers rather than thick clothing. Never put a newborn to sleep with the bib on, no matter how loose
  • Make sure you maintain a good hygiene of the umbilical cord. It's important that the cord stays clean and dry at all times
  • It's recommended to use cotton wool and warm water for cleaning her bottom rather than moist wipes, as they might cause allergic reactions
  • You don't need to bath your newborn baby every day and you don't need to use soap or bathing substances. Once or twice a week should be enough unless little accidents happen. Clean your baby's face and hands everyday with a warm, moist cloth and her neck, especially if milk leakages happen during feedings, as the creases in her skin can get inflamed and sore
  • Even if you decided not to breastfeed, it's worth trying - you might like it and your baby might too

Month by month baby care and baby development guide: