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2 Month Old Baby

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By now, you should be getting well settled into your 2 month old baby's routine. If you're breastfeeding, now it's the time it really starts to get better. The entire struggle is gone and breastfeeding finally becomes the wonderful and rewarding experience everybody is talking about.

By now, your 2 month old baby can differentiate between different sounds, although he still prefers your voice to any other sound. He should turn his attention to the direction of the noise and be able to focus on moving objects, such as your hand very close to his face. It's a good time to start singing, talking and reading to him as much as you can to develop his hearing and attention.


His sleep time has probably reduced to around 14 hours a day and, generally, you will notice that, your 2 month old baby becomes more alert at what's going on around him.

Umbilical cord concerns

A 2 month old baby's ombilical cord must have detached by now, if it hasn't, ask your health visitor for advice. Make sure it's always clean and dry and if the area looks inflamed or red, light bleeding or light puss is coming out, call your GP or health visitor at once. Bad smell isn't necessarily a sign of infection, as all umbilical cords, as they decay, have quite a strong smell.

If, after birth, his tear conducts were blocked with vernix and his eyes looked a bit bunged up, they should clear by the end of the second month. If you can see red little veins in his eyes and an increasing quantity of substance clogging up around his eyes, it could be conjunctivitis, so ask for advice from your health visitor as soon as you can.

Don't forget to immunise!

The end of this month is the time for the first set of immunisations. Many parents dread the moment and it is indeed likely that your 2 month old baby will show discomfort for a few seconds, but most certainly he'll forget all about it in a very short while and he'll be grateful for it later. Immunisation is one of the most important things for babies, as they need to be protected against minor diseases that could cause permanent damage or even death, if not prevented. Immunising your 2 month old baby is one of the most responsible acts of parenthood, so don't hesitate and don't have second thoughts.

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