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3 Month Old Baby

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Hand Eye Coordination

This could be the time of the first smile. It is certainly a special one for you or your partner, most likely to happen when you look you look into your 3 month old baby's eyes and smile at her. This is the beginning of a life time of interaction between you and your child. She loves touching everything and now it's the time to encourage her sense of touch by helping her feel different textures and temperatures, like fabric, plastic, metal, warm and cool etc. The most comforting feel will still be the touch of your skin, so encourage as much as you can skin to skin contact, by nursing your 3 month old baby when only in a nappy, before or after bath or when feeding.


This is the time to start developing his coordination, too. You will soon discover that his movements are not as chaotic any more; he starts reaching out for things, especially bright coloured things and even grabbing them. It's time to introduce all those rattles that everybody has turned up with.

A 3 month old baby should master his head posture, as the muscles in his neck became stronger.

The end of this month is the time for the second set of immunisations.

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