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4 Month Old Baby

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This month expect some amazing aerobics, as it's likely that you'll see your 4 month old baby pushing herself up and maybe even rolling over during tummy time. Tummy time is a basic exercise, highly recommended after three months, to encourage the strength in the baby's neck, arms and back. She probably won't like it at first and don't insist to keep her on her tummy for too long if she doesn't like it. However, a few minutes every day should work miracles.


It's definitely not too early to try and make your 4 month old baby talk back to you. She might say something like a basic two letters combination, such as ba, ma, da, gu, du.

Is your 4 month old baby ready for solids?

Not yet. You're probably eager to start solids. You probably got all the equipment ready, all the spoons and bowls and 20 small containers to freeze all the food. If you start this early, it's likely that your 4 month old baby will master swallowing and chewing a lot quicker and, by the time she's around 9 month old and entitled to eat nearly anything you eat, she won't find it hard to manage the task.

But there are a lot more good reasons for waiting and they justify the health authorities' decision to definitely recommend weaning at 6 months old.

At the end of this month, your 4 month old baby will have the third and last set of immunisations until her first birthday. If she managed it well before, there is no need to worry about it this time. However, if you find her unsettled, moody, try and offer her a calming light medicine, such as Calpol (no more than 2,5ml) and it might work.

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