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5 Month Old Baby

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This is the month of full fun and games. Now it's the time to start getting kisses and hugs from your 5 month old baby and to start playing basic games together, like pulling faces and making him laugh, or making funny noises. You will soon learn your baby's facial and body language. He will surely let you know if he wants something again. Ask him "Again?", after you make him laugh with your silly noises or face expressions and you will be surprised one day to find your 5 month old baby nodding, or letting out the same sound every time you ask him “Again?”


All these belong to me!

This is encouraged by the fact that your 5 month old baby is now sitting on his own, being fully able to grab things and coordinate his eyes and hands a lot better. One of these weeks, you will probably take his first picture with a toe in his mouth, as now it's the time he discovers his feet and the marvel that they actually belong to him. The feeling of body "belongness" increases gradually and takes around 4 years to be fully understood.

This month your 5 month old baby starts being picky about who he likes and who he doesn't. You may notice that, especially around new people, he can get unsettled and refuse to be nursed, asking to go back to you. This is a first sign or separation anxiety and is perfectly normal, as it shows a right on time emotional development.

Your 5 month old baby will also learn he can make noises and he'll start babbling or even shouting soon.

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