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6 Month Old Baby

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Officially, your 6 month old baby is now ready for solid food. Your probably anticipated it with excitement and concerns, especially if you are a first time mum. Perhaps your baby started to show signs of being ready in the last weeks, like not pulling her tongue out when there is something on it, such as a drop of baby rice and milk. Your health visitor will probably notice a very slight drop in your baby's weight gaining pattern, which shows she is ready for solids. Read more information about weaning on our website.


Start with smooth, runny foods with very low risk of chocking, until your baby gets used to the solid texture in his mouth and in a few weeks he will be ready for finger foods.

Your yummy-yumm 6 month old baby

This month you may notice a few changes, such as being more active than ever, babbling like mad, rolling over on both sides, maybe standing up for a few seconds (with help, obviously). You may also notice that she got constipated for the first time. If she did, the easiest remedies are increasing the amount of fluid she drinks (water or juice) and the amount of fibre foods, such as fruit purees and cereals. If there is no bowel movement for three days in a row, contact your GP or HV for advice.

Continue playing as much as you can, reading and talking to your 6 month old baby. She should be able to giggle by now, put her hands up when she wants to be picked up, turn her head away when she doesn't want any fuss and so on.

You will also notice the amazing fact that your 6 month old baby will start copying you soon. If you tap your hand on the table, if you tap your finger on a book, or scratch with your fingernail a rough surface, she will surprise you by doing the same thing. This will be one of those days when parenting feels truly rewarding because of small silly things, such as scratching the rubber wheels of a truck in a baby book.

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