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7 Month Old Baby

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Your 7 month old baby is getting more and more active and more interested in solid food. He could have finger foods by now, like "soldiers", little pieces of toast that he can hold himself, small pieces of pasta he can pick from a bowl or pieces of ripe banana he can chew on. Finger foods help a lot with the hand-eye coordination, too, so it's ideal to start them as soon as your 7 month old baby starts reaching out for food from your plate.

Once he can chew on finger foods, he is ready for a sippy cup, too. Health experts recommend that bottle fed babies should be fed out of a sippy cup from 6 months onwards and breast fed babies should use exclusively a sippy cup for their water or juice.


Where's he gone?

Keep the interaction through games, such as hide and seek. Hide your face behind the curtains and uncover it after a while, saying "Here's mummy!" Don't feel silly to repeat this as long as your baby wants you to. You will certainly realise when she's had enough and wants a break or another game. A busy baby is likely to develop better abilities and quicker than a baby who doesn't interact much.

Now it's the time to introduce smart toys, as well, such as floor toys, with buttons, noises and sounds, colours and movements. Not only they help develop your 7 month old baby's mobility and hand-eye coordination, but they develop his understanding of the world around him, too. He learns the cause-effect principles, simply because if he presses the button, the locomotive will make a sound or it will start moving.

Don't forget to always applaud and praise your baby whenever she does something clever. Praising is crucial for a child's later confidence development and it should be used all the time, from as early as possible.

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