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8 Month Old Baby

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Your 8 month old baby starts showing sings of interest in moving on his own now - whether it's dragging himself backwards or forwards, crawling or even standing with support - it's likely that this month you will see a proper crawler. It's now paramount to fully baby-proof your house.

You also need to be careful and not leave him unsupervised on the bed or high surfaces, not even for a second. But, at the same time, you need to restrain your impulse of saying "No!" to him all the time and jumping up every time he's bumping into something. If you don't make a big deal of it, it's likely that your 8 month old baby won't, either.


Walkers? Hm, maybe not

If you decided to invest in a walker, you might be surprised to find out that they don't always help your baby walk quicker. They will discourage her play on the floor and exploring smart ways of going around, pulling herself on the furniture, learning what helps and what doesn't. However, if your 8 month old baby uses a walker to go around the house, make sure his access is 100% restricted to unsafe areas - such as the cupboard with the bleach, the oven, the sockets and so on.

Never forget the mightily important stairs gate!

Language and understanding activities

This could also be the right time to start mathematical activities, such as grouping the same objects together and separating different objects, by shape and colour. Try and teach your 8 month old baby to group all the pencils together, separate them from all the papers. If you repeat this for a few times, you will be stunned to find her doing it herself soon.

Developing her language skills is important too, so get some big, colourful flashcards that you could show her and pronounce the basic words while flashing the card. One day she will look at the card and she will say very clearly "dog". It will feel worth getting a frame for that flashcard and hanging it in her room.

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