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9 Month Old Baby

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You may find that baby goes through a period of extreme clinginess and disinterest in anybody else but your partner. She might even refuse to smile at, or babble away with them as she used to. This is called separation anxiety and all you can do is reassure your baby with cuddles and wait for her to make her first step towards others. The phase will pass pretty soon.


Fun and games

Try a new little game: give your 9 month old baby a toy and ask for it back. She is likely to keep hold of it, but persevere until she understands this simple rule of the game of getting the toy and giving it back. You can also try to play the full/empty game with her, by placing a toy in a bowl or bucket and taking it out, saying "The toy is in the bucket now" and "Now the toy is out" and letting her try it. Every time she gets the right idea about things, please remember to give her loads of praise and encouragement. This way, you will encourage your 9 month old baby's self-confidence, which most certainly will help her try new things and develop a lot quicker.

Language development in 9 month old babies

A 9 month old baby's language development is at its peak too, she becomes more and more interested in what you're saying to her, so now it's the right time to start the separation between what's OK and what's not. You should be careful how many times you say "No!" in a day, because, if you say it too many times, your baby will start to disobey it, not on purpose, but because she is confused about the meaning of it. Whenever you say no, try to explain why. Obviously, she won't understand the rules of physics about the burning oven when you say “No, don't touch it, it's hot!”, but consider it an exercise for yourself, as well. If you get used to explaining everything to your 9 month old baby, it's going to be easier for you later on when questions are rolling in. Besides, your toddler will tend to take more notice, as she feels like she's treated like an adult.

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