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10 Month Old Baby

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Remember the little flashcards game mentioned in the earlier months? Now it's time to put your 10 month old baby's understanding to the test. He might not be able to say 'Hat', but display a small number of cards on the floor, including the hat one and ask him to point at the hat. He probably won't at first, but he will actually point in the end, guaranteed. You can also ask him 'Where's daddy?' and he'll look in his dad's direction. Encourage him by saying 'Point!' and he will probably point. If he doesn't at first, show him what pointing means and he will get there in no time.

These very basic exercises will soon turn into waving bye-byes, clapping hands and hiding faces behind hands.


How does a 10 month old baby cope with solid food?

Your 10 month old baby should be able to eat anything you eat in smaller chops. It's highly recommended to encourage as much as you can the usage of a sippy cup or even a proper cup. The angled cups that allow him to see the contents and the movement of the contents while drinking are ideal.

It's likely that your baby will take her first independent steps during this month. She will walk along the sofa and will suddenly let go for one step or two. She will probably fall on the floor, as well. Remember the golden rule: if you don't make a big deal of it, she won't, either! The same works while walking on her own, too. If you see her making her first steps, don't scream with excitement. She probably doesn't realise she's walking on her own. Anyway, when she realises, it's very likely that she will get frightened and fall on the floor. So the calmer you are and the more ordinarily you behave, giving your 10 month old baby loads of encouragement and holding back your tears of happiness, the longer she'll be on her own and the more confident she'll get.

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