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11 Month Old Baby

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Language, mobility and communication development are all boosting from now on. Starting from now, you will observe every little gesture of your 11 month old baby because every day he'll come up with something new.

This is the time to encourage more independence too, by leaving your 11 month old baby playing on his own in a safe area, such as a playpen or the floor with no sharp corners or open plugs. Read more info on safety for your baby.


Of course it's still very important for your baby to know he can rely on you and you'll be there no matter what, but this helps a lot if you consider childcare.

You can encourage your 11 month old baby's communication skills, all you need to do is spend as much time together, playing, reading, talking etc. Name every little thing ignoring how silly or tired of it you might feel. If he touches a wall, ask him "Is that cold?" or "Is that hard?", if he looks at a book, tell him "That's your book" and so on. In the next few months, this will make everything a lot easier when it comes to learning shapes and colours. Continue telling him “No” only when necessary and especially continue praising his achievements all the time.

Say "Thank You!" to your 11 month old baby

It's the best time to learn what "Please" and "Thank you" mean, as well. Your 11 months old baby probably crawls a lot and walks along the furniture, but it's not the time for the first shoes yet, until she starts walking properly. Shoes may disturb her legs and ankle muscles development and her feet may take longer to turn forwards instead of outwards.

Go on trying to replace the bottle with a sippy cup, if you haven't done this already and try to limit the dummy time to sleep time only. This helps with the language development and teeth and oral cavity proper morphology development, too.

Remember the mathematical activities? Now it's the time to introduce the smart toys of matching with your 11 month old baby: matching shapes by introducing them inside a container through the right holes, in order to get the reward from mum, dad and the toy itself.

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