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1 Year Old Baby

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Congratulations on your 1 year old baby!

Your one year old baby's confidence will continue to increase and she will feel more and more independent. If she already hand feeds herself of a plate or highchair, it's likely that she'll start using a spoon now. She will surely make a mess, but it's fun to watch and interact with her while she struggles to aim the spoon at her mouth.


Exotic foods for your 1 year old baby

It is recommended to feed your baby on formula until he's two years old, but you can introduce cow's milk from now on if you choose to. You can even try him with some little well cooked seafood, honey or eggs (well done and not runny). Your 1 year old baby should be able to pronounce around 4 words and mean them (mama, dada, cat, dog are the most usual).

Find inspiration for her first birthday party and get in touch with other mums like you on our forum. And always remember: you're doing a great job and, looking at your 1 year old baby should be the most rewarding sight for all your efforts, frustrations and concerns over the last year. Well done!