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Baby's Carbon Footprint

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carbon footprintWould you like to minimise your baby's carbon footprint? Here are some suggestions you can adopt to do just that - better for you and better for all of us. None of them require effort, just a little bit of extra care.

Use reusable nappies rather than disposable. Each day UK babies throw 8 million nappies in the landfill. That's nearly 3 billion nappies a year and they will be there for the next 200 years. Scary!


Nappy Rash

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nappy rash Nearly every baby has to endure a bit of nappy rash at some point during their first year of life. There's nothing mysterious about it: the obvious cause of the nappy rash is the nappy itself. Anything from detergent allergies, plastic and paper, fabric softeners and, of course, urine and stool, can cause nappy rash. No need to panic!

A nappy rash is not a reason to put you down or make you think you've done something wrong. Most probably, you haven't! The rash is likely to appear around teething time and between 9 and 12 months, when the baby starts to be more active. It can also get worse if the baby takes some medication that changes the balance of enzymes, friendly bacteria and yeast in his intestines.


Baby Soother

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Choosing, handling and, in the end, giving up the dummy

baby dummy There's nothing worse than desperately looking for your baby's soother in a busy shopping mall, while baby is screaming in the pushchair, people struggle to pass you and your ton of shopping bags and the damn thing is nowhere to be found! If it's happened to you too, you know what we're talking about. If you're lucky, they might have them in that very shop. If you're not, you'll have to go for something similar, give it a good wash in the ladies and pray it'll be OK even unsterilised. If it's really your bad day, baby will spit it right out and go on screaming for the baby soother.


Crying Baby

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baby crying Needless to say all babies cry. It is their way of communicating.

It may be true that a baby never cries for no reason, but in time you will learn how to discern between the real cry and the attention seeker cry. It is ideal if you respond to both of them, as a baby crying for attention is a sign of a neglected baby.

Most of the time babies can be settled down from crying by solving the cause of it, just by checking the basic things that can be done by any parent.

Possible causes for crying

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