Baby Colic

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baby colic Colic in babies is the build-up of wind or gas in the form of small air bubbles inside the baby's stomach and intestines which create an uncomfortable pressure.

Mums say baby colic is definitely one of those things you can bet on to change your angel of a baby into a temperamental little thing, making him lose his voice and making you lose your mind.

Tips on how to find relief for baby colic:

  • Swaddle your colic baby. Swaddled babies tend to have less discomfort then free-to-move babies. Please remember: never swaddle your baby too tight and use only specifically designed blankets and sheets that meet the safety requirements. Never go to bed yourself after putting your swaddled baby to bed.
  • Nurse your baby tight to your body. Your body warmth will comfort and calm him. If it helps, invest in a baby sling and use it around the house, carrying your baby close to your body.
  • Change the bottles and teats, if you bottle feed. The large neck bottles are famous for giving wind. Unofficially, everybody knows it and all the midwives I met recommended me to stop using them if the baby is windy. Invest in some good quality narrow neck bottles and latex orthodontic teats (check first if your baby is allergic to latex by talking to your GP) and you might see a difference. I have! Think properly the teats' size; a larger hole teat is more likely to give wind than a smaller hole teat
  • Use anti-colic remedies. You can find them in any chemist's shop and they are reasonably priced. They don't work for every baby with colic, though, but they might work for yours. You can only try.
  • Try gentle gymnastics. Gently push your baby's legs closer to his tummy for a few seconds and release them. Try again in a few seconds.
  • Gently tap his upper back. You have probably already tried it anyway. Just be careful with his lower back where his kidneys are, don't tap it too hard!

The good news is that the baby colic will gradually get easier and you will gain your little angel again.

Please note: if your coliccy baby seems to cry out of control and you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, please call your doctor or health visitor as soon as possible. You can also try or call their hotline, 08451 228 669. They provide support for families with excessively crying babies.

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