Baby Safety

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baby safety Safety is a major concern for any family with kids. The whole baby industry is based on safety. Everything needs to meet the required standards, from food to toys, to furniture and every accident possibility is taken into account when each little article is designed.

Baby safety checklist

The most important investment for your newborn baby will be the safety of your car seat, if you travel by car back from hospital. Make sure it complies with the appropriate car seat safety standards (BS AU 202 or BS AU 202a for rear facing car seats, BS 3254 for forward facing car seats, BS 3254 for booster seats, BS 185 for booster cushion). Please remember that it's not safe to use a carrycot in the back of the car instead of a car seat. Always use a car seat that suits your baby's age and weight.


Investing in a sound and movement monitor could prove to be an excellent choice for the type of mother that walks miles every day back and to her baby's cot to check if he's still breathing. The cellular blankets and airflow mattresses need to be included in any baby safety products checklist, too. Room thermometers, bath thermometers, body thermometers, we need them all when we care for our baby's safety.

Baby proof your home!

When your baby starts crawling, it's time for the first measures. It's every parent's nightmare to imagine their babies bumping into everything around the house. And no doubt they will bump into a lot of things, but, as a thumb up rule, we need to think the unthinkable in order to minimise the risks. Have a good look around your house and try to imagine any potential danger. You will need:

  • Plug lids
  • Cupboard locks
  • Door blockers
  • Window lockers
  • Drawer latches
  • Toilet lid locker
  • Staircase gate
  • Table corners bumpers

Keep cleaning substances in a high cupboard, shorten your cords from your blinds or curtains, make sure that none of your home plants are poisonous, or even better, they are way out of the children's reach. Make sure the fireplace is not a danger in any way to your little crawler or walker, make sure there are no display bottles, glass, mirrors, porcelain objects endangering the children. Also make sure your baby can't pull the table cloth with hot food on it and never offer your baby the shopping bag to play with, no matter how attractive the sound might be. These are all small but important safety measures for your baby.

Always remember: Small objects are forbidden to under 3 year olds, as they can be swollen and children can choke on them. Especially shiny or colourful objects attract their attention and 3 year old is not too old for the complete end of mouthing, so pay particular attention to jewellery, coins and so on.

Basically, use good old common sense and try to spot any potential danger from a child's point of view in every corner of your house and you're on the safe side. Also, as your child grows, make sure you adjust the safety measures accordingly. See a month by month development calendar of a baby from newborn to one year old.