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Baby's Carbon Footprint

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carbon footprintWould you like to minimise your baby's carbon footprint? Here are some suggestions you can adopt to do just that - better for you and better for all of us. None of them require effort, just a little bit of extra care.

Use reusable nappies rather than disposable. Each day UK babies throw 8 million nappies in the landfill. That's nearly 3 billion nappies a year and they will be there for the next 200 years. Scary!


  • Use concentrate juice and concentrate detergent to reduce the transport volume.
  • Wash the baby's clothes once a week, on a sunny day, so you don’t have to tumble dry them (huge electricity consumer).
  • Walk to the park or to the clinic or get your old bike out of the garage, fix a child seat on it and ride away.
  • If you can find a baby product at your local shop, consider walking to buy it, rather than driving there. Alternatively, order it online, so one vehicle is used for your whole area instead of numerous individual cars going for single trips to the shops.
  • Make your own reusable baby wipes, by getting a pack of muslin sheets, cutting them into squares and using them with light camomile infusion (that can be kept in a big bottle through the day and used in a bowl each time you need it).
  • Try to buy all your baby's clothes in natural fibres, such as cotton. It's not only good for the baby, but it's good for the planet too, decomposing a lot quicker, once it reaches the landfill.

Millions of babies are born in the UK each year. If half of the new mums commit themselves to be that little extra bit more careful, we would all benefit. Besides, it's likely that your child will follow your lifestyle, so it's a huge investment for the future, too. It's worth a thought.