Nappy Rash

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nappy rash Nearly every baby has to endure a bit of nappy rash at some point during their first year of life. There's nothing mysterious about it: the obvious cause of the nappy rash is the nappy itself. Anything from detergent allergies, plastic and paper, fabric softeners and, of course, urine and stool, can cause nappy rash. No need to panic!

A nappy rash is not a reason to put you down or make you think you've done something wrong. Most probably, you haven't! The rash is likely to appear around teething time and between 9 and 12 months, when the baby starts to be more active. It can also get worse if the baby takes some medication that changes the balance of enzymes, friendly bacteria and yeast in his intestines.


Here are a few tips on how to treat nappy rash

  • Eliminate the cause of the nappy rash by changing baby's nappy every hour or so.
  • Keep a good hygiene. Clean the affected skin with warm (not hot!) water and cotton wool.
  • Keep away from cleansing products for a while. Use only warm water and cotton wool.
  • Make sure you dry the skin with a towel. The longer you keep your baby's skin moist, the longer the rash will last.
  • Use a nappy rash cream. Gently apply a thin surface of nappy rash cream onto the affected area. Remember: if you can see the colour of the cream, then you spread too much!
  • Reduce the chemicals. Use a non-bio washing powder and stop using fabric softener until the rash is gone.
  • Ask for help. If the nappy rash doesn't disappear in a few days or it gets worse, contact your doctor or health visitor.

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