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The BabyWonderland Guide to Conception and Trying for a Baby

Having a baby changes one's lifestyle even before the birth. And, sometimes, when a long-planned pregnancy is concerned, a baby can change one's lifestyle before conception.

Are there any tips for getting pregnant? Is there something out there that can help me get pregnant? How do I increase my chances of conceiving? These are questions that people actively trying for a baby are asking themselves and others.

BabyWonderland is here to help with advice and support and the most up to date, state of the art interactive tools to help you monitor your body's signs and symptoms of fertile days and non-fertile days. Try our Conception Calculator to find your most fertile days.

So welcome to the big and mysterious world of trying to conceive! It arrives with much excitement and, we know, a lot to worry about, too! From 'Can my diet affect my fertility?' to 'Is Metformin the answer?' we discuss some of the reasons for infertility and look at ways to increase fertility.We, at BabyWonderland, aim to demystify as many of the conception myths as we can with a series of conception tips. We'll answer as many of your questions as possible in our articles, and at the same time, provide a warm and friendly community where you will find other people actively trying for a baby, sharing their concerns and support.

If all else fails we have advice on child adoption and discuss the question Is Surrogacy right for you?

Ways To Increase Fertility

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fertility boostersThere are natural ways to increase fertility, such as improving the quality of your lifestyle and taking more care of your health and nutrition. And, there are fertility treatments that will increase the chances of falling pregnant.

If, after a number of years of trying several ways to increase fertility (from the mathematics of charting to rubbing the famous African "fertility statues"), you still can't get pregnant, consider seeing your GP or OB for a fertility check. They might run a few tests and check for a few things, such as Chlamydia (that could damage the fertility system after a prolonged period of time) or thyroid problems. Or, they might just recommend you to lose weight. They might invite your partner in for tests and check his sperm count and quality. In the end, the solution to successful conception could be a fertility treatment.


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