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When you decide itís time to start trying to conceive, itís worth evaluating a few things related to your overall lifestyle.Take our short, eight question fertility test based on lifestyle to see what areas need improvement in order to conceive a baby.

  • Are you eating properly? Are you taking the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients every day?
  • Are you smoking?
  • Are you taking drugs?
  • Are you drinking excessively?
  • Are you over/underweight?
  • Do you exercise enough?
  • Do you have high levels of stress?
  • Do you have a healthy sexual life?

If you are happy with the answers given above, then you agree a common sense and a moderate approach to things are probably whatís needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you think there are points you could improve in your lifestyle in order to get pregnant, try and improve them yourself one by one. If you find it difficult to deal especially with long term issues, try and get advice and support from professionals. There is never too late to lose all your bad habits and, thank God, a lot of help is to be found out there.The BabyWonderland forum is one of the best, friendliest places where you could find support from people just like you, actively trying for a baby. Why not join them today?

Interactive tools that can help me to get pregnant

What does it mean "actively trying to conceive a baby"? Well, certainly not only ups and downs in bed every night (although they certainly help). BabyWonderland has a very accurate Ovulation Calendar that helps you know better how your body functions. By knowing your cycles, you can plan accurately your fertile days every month. The BabyWonderland Ovulation Calendar can help you get pregnant by calculating your fertile days and your menstruation days month by month. Our Basal Body Temperature fertility chart is also a highly accurate and sophisticated tool to monitor the symptoms your body shows at fertile and non-fertile peaks. Check them out and start the mathematics of trying to conceive today.

If, after a number of years of actively trying for a baby, you still have not achieved pregnancy, despite the healthiest lifestyle, there might be other methods you could try. Read our article on ways to increase fertility for more ideas on how to get pregnant.


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infertilityThere are many reasons for infertility - one in every ten couples of reproductive age is affected by this discomfort. It's also true that more than half succeed in their efforts to conceive after a reasonable period of time. Infertility is a daunting condition that can affect not only your private life, but your social life as well. It affects some people so deeply that they resign themselves to the prospect of never conceiving and seek counselling. It's even worse if your friends start falling pregnant and having a second or third child while you're still on your 7th cycle of IVF treatment.


Ways To Increase Fertility

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fertility boostersThere are natural ways to increase fertility, such as improving the quality of your lifestyle and taking more care of your health and nutrition. And, there are fertility treatments that will increase the chances of†falling pregnant.

If, after a number of years of trying several ways to increase fertility (from the mathematics of charting to rubbing the famous African "fertility statues"), you still can't get pregnant, consider seeing your GP or OB for a fertility check. They might run a few tests and check for a few things, such as Chlamydia (that could damage the fertility system after a prolonged period of time) or thyroid problems. Or, they might just recommend you to lose weight. They might invite your partner in for tests and check his sperm count and quality. In the end, the solution to successful conception could be a fertility treatment.