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Tips and Ideas on How To Be a Pro New Parent

Becoming a parent is a wonderful journey: 'When a child is born, a mother is born', says the ancient Chinese wisdom.

So welcome to the new you! You as a parent: maybe a long time dream, maybe a wonderful surprise, it all comes at once and it's here to stay. For the rest of your life.

Our articles will provide you with up to date, reliable information on how to manage your new status like a pro. From getting the right food for that fussy little eater to finding the right balance in your love life again. We look at issues like finding childcare and even have tips on saving for your child's future.

The BabyWonderland community is here to help with tips and advice and, most importantly, to share the good, tried and tested stuff that new parents know little or nothing about.

Baby Room Ideas

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baby room ideas One of the many things it is really worth having kids for, besides giving them kinky haircuts like the celebrities' kids, is decorating and painting their rooms!

As soon as the second line appears, the beautiful, cosy room for your baby starts taking shape in your mind. Nearly at the same time as the shopping starts.

Don't panic! Don't go mad searching for information everywhere! All you need in essence is a bed, a changing table, a wardrobe and a chair. The rug, curtains, lamp shade, border stickers, mobile and so on will soon follow. In the old days, especially in the 80s, people used to wallpaper their kids' rooms. Not anymore. Not only is it no longer fashionable, but a fresh, clean coat of paint is a lot better than any wallpaper, which will attract and keep dust particles on its surface. Besides, it really goes old and tatty in time.


Same Sex Families

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same sex parents Millions of children are brought up by at least one homosexual parent and, despite many protesters' efforts to prove there is something wrong with that, there actually isn't.

First of all, children raised by same sex families have been proven to have a similar development to children raised by heterosexual parents. They turn out to be great kids who will become great adults, they make fabulous friends and they actually make responsible and loving parents themselves.

It's true that being a same sex partner and parent can be a struggle at times, but new opportunities arise every day and it has become quite easily to find social support and to extend your social network.


Returning to Work

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back to workIf you're going back to work and you've got children you can get financial and practical help with childcare. From tax credits to flexible working arrangements, there's lots of support available to make your life easier.

Early years education

All three and four year olds are entitled to up to five two-and-a-half hour daily sessions a week, for three terms each year, with a 'registered provider' such as a school, nursery or playgroup. Some large employers provide registered early years education at the workplace. You can also use a registered childminder if they're part of an approved childminding network.


Raising Bilingual Children

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bilingual children It's likely that every bilingual family wishes to offer the gift of a second language to their children. It is largely accepted that bilingual children are later talkers, but when they start talking, they start in both languages with native fluency. It is indeed a wonderful gift to give to a child for the rest of his life. Until then, you could go through hell and back trying to persevere in your determination to go on with it. There are several ways of raising children bilingually.

Approaches to raising bilingual children

Language and development specialists have located a few effective methods to help your child acquire a second language. You can use the one parent - one language method, i.e. each parent speaks in only one language to the children and to his/her partner. It can be an odd situation, not easy to achieve and maintain, especially when out and you speak to your partner in English and he/she

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