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Baby Room Ideas

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baby room ideas One of the many things it is really worth having kids for, besides giving them kinky haircuts like the celebrities' kids, is decorating and painting their rooms!

As soon as the second line appears, the beautiful, cosy room for your baby starts taking shape in your mind. Nearly at the same time as the shopping starts.

Don't panic! Don't go mad searching forinformation everywhere! All you need in essence is a bed, a changing table, a wardrobe and a chair. The rug, curtains, lamp shade, border stickers, mobile and so on will soon follow. In the old days, especially in the 80s, people used to wallpaper their kids' rooms. Not anymore. Not only is itno longer fashionable, but a fresh, clean coat of paint is a lot better than any wallpaper, which will attract and keep dust particles on its surface. Besides, it really goes old and tatty in time.

In the first few weeks, it's more than likely your baby will sleep in a Moses basket or a crib next to your bed. The experts agree it's the best thing to do. However, never share your bed with baby. It's not safe and there is always a danger of rolling over her, especially if you are a deep sleeper. For peace of mind, get the baby used to her separate sleep space in her/his room.

Baby room British safety standards (BS)

If you choose a Moses basket, make sure it conforms to the safety standard BS EN 1466. When buying a cot, make sure it confines to the safety standard BS EN 716. It's important that the cot has an adjustable base so you spare your back the strain of bending and stretching every time you handle your baby. It needs to be sturdy and reliable. Make sure you buy the best possible mattress as well. Not only is it vital for your baby's safety that the mattress meets all the safety standards, but it's equally important for the proper development of your child's body and bones.

A good mattress will ensure a good air circulation and a moisture absorbent surface will prevent overheating as well. Nowadays, all mattresses must meet the BS 1877 or BS 7177 standards and all manufacturers build them with the Infant Sudden Death in mind. If you would like to read more about the infant sudden death, sometimes called the Cot Death Syndrome as well, please visit www.sids.org.uk , the website of The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, a registered charity dedicated to the study and prevention of this risk.

Although you can find good foam mattresses out there, the recognised best mattress are the sprung ones. If you consider buying a cot bed that your baby will use up until 5-6 years old, the 50-70 difference between a foam mattress and a sprung one becomes insignificant.

A changing table (also known as a dresser) is very handy and provides space for baby changing essentials, such a nappies, wipes, cream, talc powder etc. A chair becomes most important when your baby wakes up at night for a feed or just for some company. It will be used before bed, when reading stories and singing nursery rhymes. It's not necessary to have a glider or rocking chair. Just a normal, comfortable chair will be fine.

It's advisable to get a good, anti-allergic, non-slip, wool carpet or rug for your baby's room. Not only will it improve sound and heat isolation, but it will feel more comfortable when little bums fall over again and again. Besides, it's easy to clean and change when circumstances get tricky and little accidents overpower stain-proofing. For more information on how to choose the right carpet for your baby's bedroom, check www.carpetinfo.co.uk

It's also vitally important that your baby's room is equipped with a smoke detector and, possibly, a CO2 detector as well. These are necessary and not expensive at all. Just don't forget to change the batteries!

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