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Same Sex Families

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same sex parents Millions of children are brought up by at least one homosexual parent and, despite many protesters' efforts to prove there is something wrong with that, there actually isn't.

First of all, children raised by same sex families have been proven to have a similar development to children raised by heterosexual parents. They turn out to be great kids who will become great adults, they make fabulous friends and they actually make responsible and loving parents themselves.

It's true that being a same sex partner and parent can be a struggle at times, but new opportunities arise every day and it has become quite easily to find social support and to extend your social network.


Below are outlined the major prejudices related to same sex families or parents and a few notes on how to deal with them.

Yes, it's OK, but...

  • What about the gender confusion? Gender confusion is a phenomenon that could incur in toddlers regardless of the sexual orientation of their parents. It hasn't actually proven yet to lead to Gender Identity Disorder in later life and there are many ways you can actually help your child understand his/her gender whether you're heterosexual or not. Julia and Louise, after 12 years of trying to adopt, they finally saw their dream of becoming parents come true. "Our son is now 4 and he knows he is a boy. He's acquired this by interacting with other kids and by talking to us. We go shopping now and he knows the difference between boys clothes and girls clothes and he even refuses something if it's too girlish," says Louise. "At first, we read so much about it and got so scared about gender confusion that we started considering counselling for our son. We actually had no idea how natural it would feel," added Julia.
  • What about the social exclusion? This could be a real factor and your child might need help with this. If you feel that your child is being bullied in school on any type of reasons, you need to talk to him/her, to their teachers and maybe to the parents or tutors of the bullying children. Anyway, acceptance of same sex families is proved to be increasing all the time.
  • What about the missing sex model? Children find models in their parents regardless of their gender. Studies showed that children raised by same sex couples turn out to be very responsible adults, more tolerant towards difference, more affectionate and, generally, with a high self-esteem.
  • What about the religion? The religious orientation is a personal choice and should be treated as such in all cases. Each of us has a free will and it could be considered an abuse if a particular Church tries to obstruct the secular way of our society. The religious argument is not a convincing argument for anybody who chooses to live their lives the way they do.
  • It's common sense to say that children raised in a healthy, loving and balanced environment have a better development than children raised in an uneasy environment, regardless of their parents' sexual orientation.

UK legislation is making progress regarding the same sex families' rights to adopt and the end of 2008 is expected to bring a new, more permissive and less discriminative legislation, after the ex-PM, Tony Blair, pleaded for equal rights for gay couples. BabyWonderland totally supports the right of children to be adopted by parents who could provide proper care and a loving environment for them, regardless of their sexual orientation.

If you are a same sex partner and parent or aspiring parent and would like to meet parents like you, have a look on the BabyWonderland Forum.