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Single Parenting Tips

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single parentTips for single mums and single dads

Some people choose single parenting, some people are forced to accept it due to certain circumstances. If you opted for sperm donation, obviously you know what to expect from single motherhood and prepare yourself for it. Even more, it's likely that you wanted it and wouldn't opt for anything else in the world. But if you're going through a nasty divorce and have to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it as well and caring for your children on your own, the situation might feel totally overwhelming. OK, we all know it's difficult, but it can actually be quite fun too, being a single parent. Just you and your kids, your love, your trust, your vision only.


There is plenty of information available about single parenting and most of it is backed by Government literature stating a single parent's rights as well as responsabilities. DirectGov have a full section on their website about single parents, who is a single parent and what single parents are entitled to.

Here are a few tips on how to crack the craft and technique of single parenting and make your life as a single parent more fun and less stressful:

  • Keep a neutral relationship with the other parent. Try and keep it as good as you can for the sake of your kids. There is no love in there, but don't let hate or anger take over. If needed, talk to a lawyer or a mediator to assist both of you in sorting out financial responsibilities for the children.
  • Make absolutely sure you are 100% clear about the legal aspects of your children's custody. You need to know exactly what could happen and what you must forbid to happen from the other parent's side. If you think it's OK to go on with it without proper legal clarifying, you're very likely to be wrong.
  • Get as much help as you can. That's what your family is for, that's what your neighbour is for, and that's what your friends are for.
  • Don't neglect your social life. It's hard to juggle kids and going out, but go out as much as you can and keep in touch with your old friends and make new ones; it will help a lot with your well being and, believe us, it will help you cope a lot better with being a single mum or a single dad.
  • Don't reject dates. Going out on a date doesn't mean you're betraying your children. Actually, it's likely that they will have more respect for you as a person who is a bit more than just their mum or their dad, dedicating their whole time to them. This is perfectly OK to do, as long as there's still room for a little more to your life.
  • Don't neglect yourself. Go on with your weekly hairdressing appointments, go for that manicure you're longing for or to the gym. Again, your kids are more likely to respect your authority if they sense a high self-respect and self-appreciation from you.
  • Consider childcare very seriously. You might think that the best choice for your children is to offer your entire lifetime to them, stay at home and give them all your attention, all your love and all your money. This is one mistake many single mothers make. Because they are overwhelmed by the feeling of huge responsibility of being the only parent to their children, they sometimes feel like they're not doing enough for them. Well, the truth is your child will have a better development if he interacts with other children and you will have a better lifestyle if you try and get back into work and balance your tasks. Work not only balances things in your life, but gives you the extra energy and motivation to do new things, which is better for your children as well.

Single parents, especially single mothers, generally become the strongest and most reliable of friends and the least expected to moan about their difficulties. If you are one of them and would like to meet new single parents and share your experiences with them or ask for more single parent information, join the BabyWonderland forum and start meeting new people today.

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