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Health and Nutrition

There is nothing more important to us, as parents, than ensuring good health for our children.

The Health and Nutrition section is packed with tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your whole family. Try out the BabyWonderland tasty homemade recipes for babies and toddlers, check out how you can improve your well-being after giving birth and, last but not least, find out how to re-balance the relationship with your partner after a tiny "third party" has magically knocked it off its established equilibrium.

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Postnatal Depression

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postnatal depressionAuthor: Diana Nickson

There’s quite nothing like having a baby. They say having your baby in your arms for the first time gives you much needed strength and makes you feel complete.
But the "having a baby" package doesn't always come with fun and games alone. Postnatal depression is one of those things that can blemish the experience of being a new parent. We might find it difficult getting used to the new arrival and the changes taking place in our life. We now have a little person depending on us 24/7 and in a natural way, we love just that, being terrifyingly responsible for a fragile tiny somebody for years to come. Little by little, we enjoy being parents and we get to love the changes in our life. We can’t even remember our life before and can’t even imagine our life any other way.


Health & Beauty

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health and beauty

Where's the good, old me gone?

Pregnancy is a blooming period of your life. Your body is working overtime to make sure everything is in place and sufficient for the proper development of your baby. This is nature's way of ensuring healthy perpetuation of our species.

Some people regard birth as a shock to the body and many women are frightened of the trauma the birth could leave on their bodies. Most of this is not true because our body prepares for labour and birth all through the pregnancy and it's completely ready for it when the time comes.

However, you might find all of a sudden that you're not happy with your body after birth. This is perfectly normal and you might find some consolation in knowing that millions of women feel the same way.


Love Life

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love lifeWhen we, as new parents, sometimes say "My life, as I knew it, has completely vanished!", we're bound to find tiny fingerprints all over the magic wand.

When you plan on having children, you must expect one certainty: things will change. In many ways, for the better, but sometimes for the worse.

Having children is one of those great things that help you know yourself and your partner a lot deeper. Many things will be different, from the day to day routine and the night to night routine, (oh, yes, these will most certainly change!), to locked in weekends and budget priorities. No more going out socialising like you used to, no more a last minute weekend in the Lakes, like you used to, no more walking the dog just for 10 minutes. Kiss goodbye to the marvelous treadmill in the gym (at least for a while) and, no, you can't use the jumbo packs of nappies for weight lifting.


Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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baby recipes Cooking for your baby or toddler can be fun as well as a way to ensure the use of the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Here are a few basic homemade baby food recipes. Make sure you involve your baby or toddler in the process of cooking, for more fun and more interest in eating the result!