1st Birthday Party

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baby birthdayFinally, 1 year old! Your baby has turned into this funny, playful, energetic and truly demanding little personality who surely deserves a real party.

We, the parents, do it all for ourselves, although we always pretend we actually do it for them. Do we heck! We throw a party because the star in our lives will be everybody's big star for the day and we make it because we love to spoil them rotten and, frankly, any excuse will do. Who doesn't agree should consider this: your baby won't know much about what's going on and most certainly won't have any memories about it, anyway. But who cares? He's having that cake and he's having that outfit, too! Here are a few top tips on how to organise a bespoke first birthday party for your 1 year old.


Do it in the day time

No matter how glamorous night parties are and how hungry for glamour a new mum is, your 1 year old's party must be during the day time, preferably between his morning nap and afternoon nap. Check with other guests what their babies' routines are, so you can think the best timetable. Keep it short, if you don't want the familiar scene of tired eyes and moany voices at your party. Sorry, your baby's party, I mean. Keep in mind as well that you can't leave the matches anywhere, as there are children around. Read more about baby safety on our website.

Make sure your house is completely baby proofed before inviting anybody with small children. There is nothing worse for a party than a tiny finger jammed in the nursery wardrobe. Save yourself the embarrassment of having to beg forgiveness from the injured baby's mum, as well as everybody else for a good half an hour of screams. Same about the hazardous things your child can't reach yet, but other, taller children can.

Of course, the most hazardous party ingredient for small children is the food. Before heading off to the supermarket to get your exciting menu done up, it's worth reading again the list of Yes's and No-No's when you started your baby's weaning. Remember everything about baby weaning on our website). Peanuts could be a fabulous party food, but not yet. Hard fruit, such as apples, pears, peaches, even cut in small pieces, can be dangerous. Same about the skinned fruits, such as grapes or peaches. The fruit skin can get stuck in the airways and impede the proper breathing. Besides, you can count on the fact that most mums will one by one start to produce their own baby food out of their handbags or changing bags, so don't stress too much over the food.

You will probably find yourself stuck when it comes to: what does my baby need for her first birthday? What present should I get my baby for her first birthday? You probably had a look around your house and decided that it looks like a day care centre as it is, so what should it be? The best thing you could do is to have a look around the gift ideas in the online toys shops and you will probably find not one present, but a lot of them. It's not easy.

And when everybody's gone, open that champagne you kept well hidden all day and give yourselves a tap on the shoulder. You've done it! Well done, you're now the proud parents of this beautiful, wonderful one year old person!