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Your Guide to Pregnancy:
from the First Signs of Pregnancy to Birth

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and captivating times of your life. It changes your body, your life, and comes with tons of worries and questions. The signs of pregnancy can show as early as four days after your period is due. Today's pregnancy tests can identify those early pregnancy signs with great accuracy.

Read the articles in this category to find out exactly what the early signs of pregnancy are, how you can detect pregnancy with accuracy and what to expect with pregnancy symptoms. Our guide "Pregnancy Week by Week" will show you what to look forward to.

The BabyWonderland articles on pregnancy and birth will provide you with up to date, reliable information based on official British health authorities' literature and our friendly community is here to support you during the back breaking, mind bending, (in)famous nine months!



Baby Essentials List

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baby eesentialsOne of the most enjoyable things about expecting a baby is going out and shopping for him. You want everything ready and in place for his arrival, so you start feeling money burning a hole in your pocket every time you're in the supermarket's baby clothes department. "Forget the steaks tonight, sweetheart, we're going for bibs and socklets today!"

The BabyWonderland Baby Essentials List

Here's a basic check list so you'll be well prepared when the big day arrives.


Giving Birth at Home

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home birthSince March 2006, midwives are supposed not only to help the mother-to-be make her decision about the type of birth she wants, but to support her all the way if they opt for giving birth at home. Home birth can be a wonderful, immensely rewarding experience that some mums have always dreamed about. Thankfully, with today's support and facilities giving birth at home is a very real alternative.

Why Give Birth at Home?

Most women opt for birth at home due to the benefits of the familiarity of their environment, the comfort of their home and the support of their family. Some of us can't put up with the impersonal treatment of hospitals and some of us frankly don't like to be told what to do in such intimate circumstances.


Early Signs of Labour - What to look for

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pregnancyHas labour started?

This is an obsessive question for any woman in the late stages of pregnancy. If you're close to the due date, or even worse, overdue, every little twitch and cramp gives you hope that the time has come. So what are the early signs of labour?

Could these be early signs of labour?

Labour is the process of preparing the body for baby delivery. It means the dilation or effacement of the cervix, which will become thinner and open up to 10 cm. It also means increasingly regular contractions that get closer together and increase in intensity.


Healthy Recipes for Pregnancy

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Finding new cooking ideas and knowing what's safe to eat during pregnancy is tricky.

Here are a few healthy choices for you. None of the ingredients are harmful for you or your baby, as long as you ensure that all food is cooked properly (i.e. piping hot and cooked for the required length of time).

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