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Baby Essentials List

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baby eesentialsOne of the most enjoyable things about expecting a baby is going out and shopping for him. You want everything ready and in place for his arrival, so you start feeling money burning a hole in your pocket every time you're in the supermarket's baby clothes department. "Forget the steaks tonight, sweetheart, we're going for bibs and socklets today!"

The BabyWonderland Baby Essentials List

Here's a basic check list so you'll be well prepared when the big day arrives.


Hospital Bag

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hospital bag It's one of those things we get excited about: packing for the hospital birth. I wasn't a special case: packing and unpacking my hospital bag about 14 times.

I started at around 5 months. Of course, it was the baby's famous coming-home-from-hospital outfit that was the first to get packed. By the time I needed to be rushed to the labour ward, that outfit was washed, ironed, packed, unpacked, changed with another one about 5 times.

Whatever you do, don't take everything and the kitchen sink, because it is likely that the midwives will ask your partner to take back a lot of the stuff.


Giving Birth at Home

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home birthSince March 2006, midwives are supposed not only to help the mother-to-be make her decision about the type of birth she wants, but to support her all the way if they opt for giving birth at home. Home birth can be a wonderful, immensely rewarding experience that some mums have always dreamed about. Thankfully, with today's support and facilities giving birth at home is a very real alternative.

Why Give Birth at Home?

Most women opt for birth at home due to the benefits of the familiarity of their environment, the comfort of their home and the support of their family. Some of us can't put up with the impersonal treatment of hospitals and some of us frankly don't like to be told what to do in such intimate circumstances.


Hospital Birth

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hospital birthWhen we decide to give birth in a hospital, we make the same decision over 95% of British women make. As it's natural to want the best care for our newborn, the protected and monitored environment of a hospital is an understandable choice.

Why choose the hospital experience?

If you are a new mum to be, you're probably nervous about what's coming. Yes, you read all the books, you've been to all the antenatal classes, you've checked all the websites, even watched the traumatic birth video that your midwife kindly provided for you.

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