Baby Essentials List

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baby eesentialsOne of the most enjoyable things about expecting a baby is going out and shopping for him. You want everything ready and in place for his arrival, so you start feeling money burning a hole in your pocket every time you're in the supermarket's baby clothes department. "Forget the steaks tonight, sweetheart, we're going for bibs and socklets today!"

The BabyWonderland Baby Essentials List

Here's a basic check list so you'll be well prepared when the big day arrives.


At least ten of them, depending on the season. If it's winter time, your baby will only need one a day, changed at bath time, but if it's summer time, that number can escalate rapidly!

At least two every day. You'll be lucky if you only need one per day as little accidents happen all the time, Mr Dribbley & Miss Sickie know better. Because they're so handy, most parents dress the babies in sleepsuits during the day time as well.

At least two blankets, a cellular one for snuggling at night time and a fleece/cotton one for going out in the pram. Some prams come with their own matching blanket, so check before you buy if the pram of your choice comes with one.

Think twice before you go mad on funky, expensive outfits. In the first few weeks, you probably won't go out too often. Plus, think about all the grandparents and aunties. Each one of them will turn up with a hand knitted cardie and a little skirt/pair of trousers. So you might not need to spend your money on expensive clothes. If you can resist, that is.

If you use disposable nappies, do not throw your money away on hundreds of them in the same size! Most mothers and especially fathers seem to do this before the baby arrives. Hundreds of nappies in size 1 means hundreds of them wasted if the baby is born over 9 lbs. Newborns seem to grow out of their nappies really quickly, so the best advice is buy no more than 28 in size 1 and 56 in size 2 before the baby's arrival and wait! If you plan to use reusable nappies, a starter pack will do the job for the first few weeks. See also Which Nappies? Reusable or disposable?

Two to four hooded towels will do the job for months and months. Make sure you get some good quality, cosy ones to keep your baby warm and choose ones that absorb water quickly. They're not very expensive and they last a long time.

A fresh sheet is very important not only for a good night's sleep, but for your baby's health as well. Change your baby's linen every time little sickies happen and at least every other day. The crib/cot bales are a good choice.

Hats, bibs, socks, mittens, burp cloths, face towels, will all come in handy regardless of the season. While two hats are enough, with bibs and burp cloths - the more the merrier. Mittens will only be needed for the first few weeks and two to four face towels is about right.

Please remember, regardless of the season, never cover your baby's head while asleep.

And, of course, tons of love and a glass of tonic water on your bedside.

For more info on what you need to get done before your baby arrives, read our article on decorating the baby's room and be inspired.


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