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Reusable Nappies or Disposable Nappies

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baby nappies It's totally understandable if you find yourself in the baby shop torn between the bee design or a butterfly one for your baby's new sleep suits - we all know parents have this awful responsibility of making important choices for their babies. One of them is choosing which type of nappy to use. There are so many out there: too many brands and too many offers. Besides, all the cute bees and butterflies on the front don't help much.

What a mum needs to know about disposable nappies

Many mums swear by disposable nappies. They are fantastic, as they can be used and disposed of easily, they don't require a lot of time, they are very light, absorb a lot, and work well against leakages. Besides, they're a godsend while travelling.

But lately, more and more parents are becoming aware that, in the UK alone, we dispose of around 8 million nappies a day! They don't vanish; sadly, they end up in the landfill. A simple sum results in around 292 billion nappies over 100 years. They could probably form an extra layer on our planet.

Now the question is exactly how disposable disposable nappies actually are? Some campaigners say it could take hundreds of years for disposable nappies to decompose, but this is, obviously, still to be proven. An increasing number of parents are considering reusable nappies and that's the main reason.

Advantages and disadvantages of reusable nappies

Reusable nappies are great, too. Although more time consuming than the disposables, cloth nappies arrive with a great range of advantages. The simple fact that they can be reused will reduce your household waste by about 30%. The same fact can reduce your expenditure on nappies, over 3 years, by hundreds of pounds. And, if you have two or more babies in your care, the sum could rise to remarkable amounts. But, then again, washing the reusable nappies will increase your water and detergent consumption, as well as electricity, if you're using a tumble drier.

Lately, the real nappies laundry services have become more and more popular. Usually, the service providers, which sometimes are local council affiliates or NHS affiliates, will collect your reusable nappies and deliver them back to you washed and dried. This service is usually under 10/week. This is a very good service to consider provided you're not bothered about using reusable nappies that might have been used by other kids previously.

When you make your choice, it's good to know as well that, although disposable nappies are more expensive over a number of years, the reusable nappies require a bigger investment to start with. You can always pass them down to the next baby or to some relative's new baby.

If you are undecided about the pros and cons of reusable nappies, try to contact a few cloth nappies manufacturers for samples and advice. Our forum is a great place for advice, too, where you could chat to other mums about their choice.

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