Pregnancy - Week 10

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This is the 'senses' week. The inner ears are completely formed and, by the end of this week, the little structures forming the outer ears will be in place as well. Until later, the ears will be lower than in a fully developed baby, but as the head grows, they'll move higher until they reach the eye level.

The eyes are still either side of the head and, the same, as the head grows, they'll be aligned towards each other on the front of the head. Tiny, transparent eyelids start to form and they will soon cover the eyes for several months to come.

Even the teeth start to develop inside the gums and it will take them many months from now on to break through.

The foetus is now around 2.5 grams and, having a proper crown and bottom now, the distance between them measures a full inch (2-3 cm)!

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