Pregnancy - Week 12

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This week is the last week of your first trimester. The end of it means for most of us the end of a weary trimester: morning sickness should start to ease off now, the risk of a miscarriage is significantly reduced now that the first trimester is nearly gone.

Week 13 is all about physiology. After finishing the last touches to each organ, now your baby starts to put them at work. The liver starts the production of bile, the pancreas starts to produce insulin and the kidneys turn the waste into urine.

Your baby's abdomen is big enough now to accommodate the intestines, so they start their slow move into their proper place.

The foetus is now around 10 cm, weighing around 30 grams and his head is still measuring half of his entire body size. If you have a scan this week, you should easily discern where the major bones, such as the spine, the legs' bones and head's bones are.

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