Pregnancy - Week 16

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This week the muscles in the back of your baby's neck harden a lot and she can start straightening her head now from the curved position she's been in for the first 3 months. Some mums feel their babies moving inside them around this time. Don't worry if you don't. Most first time mums don't and that's partly because they're not able to tell which is a movement and which is just something else (like wind). The first few movements do feel like wind. They feel like bubbles rising inside your tummy. They feel like fluttering, this is why some women compare the movements with butterfly twitches. The movements are diminished by the mass of fluid surrounding your baby, of course. So the stronger she gets, the better the chances you feel her moving.

She probably grew around 1 cm since last week and jumped now to the weigh of 80 grams (2.8 ounces).

Having a scan can sometimes help with forming a bond with your baby, some experts say. Seeing the reality of your baby inside you may come with great emotional importance to you.

Why not celebrate by going shopping for your fast growing baby? He's only a few months away and surely he needs a lot of stuff. How about a pushchair? You've been peeking around when out at other mums' choices, but if you haven't found the time to do a proper research, here's your chance. Seen something you liked? Find out how much it is to buy it by doing some internet browsing.


ŠJ Davies

This is an ultrasound scan of a 16 weeks foetus with a clear detail of the spine and limbs.

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