Pregnancy - Week 17

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This week your little one already starts to put some weight on. The adipose tissue is formed in some places and helps keeping the little body warm, as it does for all of us in the outside world too.

She acquires good reflexes this week, gained by swallowing and sucking. Like everything else, this helps her become more aware of her environment and stimulate even more her development.

The adipose tissue is responsible for a great growth spurt during this week, your baby jumps from 80 grams (2.8 ounces) last week to an amazing 140 grams approx (5 ounces approx) and rises to the length of 17 cm (7 inches).

By now, the genitalia should be nearly formed. If it's a girl, a special tissue will develop in her uterus and vagina, if it's a boy, the cells responsible with the production of testosterone would have formed his penis and prostate by now. Babies R Us have a huge range of cute Moses baskets and prices start from only £29.99!

On a 3d scan, with a cooperating baby, you should already be able to see the sex.

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