Pregnancy - Week 19

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This week is the gender week. From now one, you can find out your baby's sex even on a 2d ultrasound scan.

If it's a girl, she already has a reproductive system, would you believe? Her ovaries already contain many millions of basic egg cells. When she is born, there will only be around a million eggs stored in her organism and the number will never increase. During her fertile life, she will release each month one or more eggs.

If it's a boy, his reproductive system is also nearly finished. He is producing testosterone since week 10 and the scrotal sac is now in place waiting for the testicles to descend.

Around this time, the baby's skin starts to produce vernix, a greasy white substance similar to lard that covers your baby's entire skin and, along with the lanugo, it protects it from getting damaged by the amniotic fluid. If your baby is premature, more than likely he will still have small patches of vernix on his skin. Even if he is full-term, don't be surprised to find the greasy substances in the creases of his legs or arms.

Your little one measures about 18 cm (7 inches) and weighs around 225 grams (8 ounces).

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