Pregnancy - Week 20

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This week is the week of full senses.

The coat of vernix covers the entire skin now.

His brain has been working a lot on his senses centers and now your baby can hear your voice and even taste your food, through the amniotic fluid. Experts claim that if you have something spicy or anything with quite a sharp taste, your baby will be able to taste it in the amniotic fluid. That's why sometimes our children like the same foods as we do.

This week, your baby starts growing his hair. This very fine hair, although it's not lanugo, but real hair, sometimes falls out a few weeks after birth.

He has now a fully formed inner nose that will get a proper nose shape by the end of this week.

Your baby weighs about 250 grams (9 ounces) and measures approximately 22 cm (a8.7 inches).


This is the scan of a 20 week foetus.

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