Pregnancy - Week 21

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Starting with this week, your GP can hear your baby's heart beat with a usual stethoscope. Your baby can hear it all the time, no devices needed. And she can also hear yours. It has been proven that some babies settle better after birth when they hear a rhythmic noise similar to the heartbeat.

Your baby weighs between 300 and 350 grams (about 10.5 and 12.5 ounces) and is around 23 cm (about 9 inches), the length and weight of a banana.

Do you want to be able to listen to your baby's heart beat whenever you like? One of those "bonding gadgets", this Pre-natal heart listening device will do just the thing. It also comes with two sets of earphones, so you can share the moment with your partner or with the big brother or sister-to-be. Particularly cute when your baby has hiccups.

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