Pregnancy - Week 32

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This is the time to start counting your baby's movements. Because the baby grows so fast, she now has less and less room for movements every day. Specialists recommend to follow the 10 movements per hour rule: at some point during the day, sit down or lay down and try to count 10 movements in an hour. If there is no movement, try again in an hour and, if still there is no movement or if they are less then ten, call your midwife or GP.

Your baby is about 1.5 to nearly 1.8 KG (about 3 to 4) and measures about 45 cm (about 18 inches).

No birth plan yet? Download your birth plan from us, print it out and fill it in with your choices. Sketching out a birth plan is fun. Don't worry if you change your mind about any of the options. You can always download it again. Don't forget to pop it in your hospital bag!

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