Pregnancy - Week 04

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This is probably the week you find out you're pregnant, if you were trying to conceive and expecting the pregnancy.

Finally, after so many Ovulation Prediction Kits, so many temperature charts, dozens of tests and obsessive attention to the smallest thing that could mean a symptom, like heavy breasts, nausea, morning sickness, the beautiful second line eventually appears!

What happens inside you during pregnancy?

The miracle of life begins with the fertilised egg, or the blastocyst, implanting itself into one side of your uterus, in the sticky mucus, ready to keep the egg for the necessary period of its development.

After the implantation, the egg becomes an embryo: it starts to divide itself into lots and lots of cells organised in three major layers. These layers will eventually form your baby’s internal organs such as lungs, liver, digestive system, pancreas (endoderm), skeleton, muscles, kidneys, blood vessels, heart (mesoderm) and the skin, hair, teeth and nervous system (ectoderm).

The embryo is already surrounded by a sac of fluid called “the membranes” that will protect your baby all through the pregnancy. Alongside the egg, the placenta starts to develop as well.

By the end of week 4, you are already the proud mother to be of a one full millimetre embryo!

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