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What to Eat While Pregnant

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eating while pregnant Eating healthily while pregnant is one of the many worries of parents to be. It's of paramount importance for your health and the proper development of your baby. Needless to say your baby eats what you eat when pregnant for the whole length of your pregnancy. This does put a lot of pressure on you, but it comes with a good, warm feeling of safety and comfort when you know exactly what to eat when pregnant and especially what not to eat while pregnant.


Signs of Pregnancy

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signs of pregnancy How to Identify the First Signs of Pregnancy.

Pregnancy signs or pregnancy symptoms? Whatever you call them - if you're trying for a baby, the chances are you'll find out you're pregnant sooner rather than later. Trying to conceive can be a nerve-wracking journey that can turn somebody into a testing-addict long before the famous two weeks wait (after the ovulation) is over.

If you aren't trying, you will probably find out when your period is late.


What Not to Eat While Pregnant

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A Quick Guide to What's Not Safe to Eat During Pregnancy

What to while pregnant is an important thing to get right so it's important to know what NOT to eat. There are certain foods the health authorities consider dangerous while pregnant and the list below acts as a guide of what not to eat when pregnant.

eating while pregnant

  • Any type of alcohol! Recent regulations recommended 0 units of alcohol for the entire duration of pregnancy. Getting drunk during pregnancy could cause permanent harm to the baby, such as the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, responsible for severe damage to the nervous system, mental retardation and major birth defects.

Miscarriage - The Signs

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miscarriageConceiving a baby is a journey - sometimes a step forward followed by two backwards. Miscarriage is sadly an all too common phenomenon and each year millions of women around the world are affected by it.

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy prior to the 24th week, due to natural causes. The majority of the 10-20% of pregnancies which end in a miscarriage do so early in pregnancy, mainly during the first 12 weeks.

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