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Signs of Pregnancy

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signs of pregnancy How to Identify the First Signs of Pregnancy.

Pregnancy signs or pregnancy symptoms? Whatever you call them - if you're trying for a baby, the chances are you'll find out you're pregnant sooner rather than later. Trying to conceive can be a nerve-wracking journey that can turn somebody into a testing-addict long before the famous two weeks wait (after the ovulation) is over.

If you aren't trying, you will probably find out when your period is late.


What are the early signs of pregnancy? When should I test?

If your period is late and you...

  • Are sick/nauseous,
  • Need to go for a wee more often,
  • Feel your breasts are tender and sore,
  • Find more discharge on your underwear,
  • Become aware of a strange change in taste,
  • Are more tired than usual,
  • Are constipated,
  • Dream of babies and start looking for baby-related stuff

... It's probably time to buy yourself a pregnancy test and use it, as these are usually considered early signs of pregnancy.

All home pregnancy tests detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in urine. If you get an early pregnancy test, it can give accurate results for a less concentration of this hormone in your urine. If you get a usual pregnancy test, you might have to wait up to four days after your period is due to get an accurate result. Once you find out you're pregnant, you can calculate your due date based on the first day of your last menstruation, by using our Due Date Calculator. You can let everyone on our forum know the news now and follow the progress of your baby with our Pregnancy Week by Week guide.

Your priority however should be to contact your GP about it. He/she will advise you if anything needs to be done, based on your health history. He/she will refer you to a midwifery department that will provide the antenatal care for you throughout your pregnancy. They will probably invite you for a short visit to confirm your pregnancy and take an extra test that shows the concentration of glucose and nitrates in your urine which is one of the options for detecting early signs of pregnancy. Sometimes, a very light "spotting" of your underwear with blood doesn't mean anything, but it's advisable to contact your GP or midwife immediately if this happens.